How does it work?

Through an open and thorough discussion your project needs and ideas will be developed into a working brief agenda.

The concept that is developed from the brief will encompass finish’s material, preferences and includes priorities such as time requirements and budget. The outsourcing requirements such as customisation or access to exclusive brands, artwork, and specialist textiles are established at this stage.

This service is only available to design clients and is highly valuable in achieving the project outcome.

Dependent on project needs this may involve only design and concept stages or all 3 design stages as set out.

1. Design and briefing

At the briefing stage a thorough discussion regarding requirements of the job such as the primary functions of the space will take place. The constraints and priorities of the project including budget or any necessary planning phases are also set or established at this stage.

2. Concept

The creative outcome of the brief is the mood board to reflect general ideas for further discussion. Concept discussion will also involve design solutions and furniture specification or selection.

3. Layout and final plan

Floor plans drawn if required, detailed finishes and budgets scheduled as required.  From this furniture and other quotations will be supplied for final selection.

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