The textile mill experience

Just as our sofa designs are given stringent criteria, so are the type of materials we choose for our ranges. To say the least we are avid textiles lovers, maybe even a little obsessed. We travel frequently to visit textile mills to source our textiles. We do this at the same time we are producing our sofa designs. Our fabrics are chosen on the basis of their performance for particularly hot climates. Natural fibres are cooler, and they feel great to touch and have a softer look. Natural fibres such as Linen Cotton and Hemp are favourites as they can be found in various combinations. With the right mix of harder working fibres such as viscous etc. they are robust to withstand wear and tear, without losing their natural feel. The manufacture of textile products, the machinery and time it takes to produce a run of a particular colour or pattern in fabric is lengthy. The operator of one of these machines is a highly skilled individual, the time it takes to set up the thread set, the weave or pattern to make one design can take days, even a week before the machine is even turned on!