What does it take to make a great sofa?

Ready made or special order, regardless of what you choose there has been a lot of work done before you even thought of buying a sofa. Our selection criteria is serious, we evaluate the functions and performance of a sofa or chair, alongside its aesthetics. Three critical factors: Design, Performance and Value. The same level of evaluation goes into our own HB&Co. sofa designs. This requires a lot of testing, before the product can make it to the showroom floor and onto our website! The process works in stages, we set the design agenda and then off to the factory, where the hard work begins. We work in the factory with the manufacturer, their upholsterers and frame makers to make samples. We review, adjust then remake until the design is ready and all boxes are ticked. The last step can be the longest as it requires the highest level of scrutiny. Some even complain that they are worn out from all the seat testing!