Crafted for life

The process of great upholstered chair making is not so apparent on the outside.We all know it’s not just about looks, it has to feel good. Upholstery construction methods are many! Good construction and use of quality materials results in high level comfort and good looks. It is easy to achieve the look but getting comfort and looks combined requires experienced hands and materials. Working with Dustin is always focused and the progression of building product is very orderly. Working with Dustin’s factory is one of the most remarkable experiences. The factory area is of a pristine whiteness, lighting is bright and yet softly illuminating the workspaces the upholsterers work in. With natural light filtered through elm trees situated around the factory, it is almost like an art space. All the furniture when placed on floors is placed on leopard print fabric laid out in lengths, completed furniture is covered in dust covers or onto trolleys to move them around. They really take pride in their work!